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Imagine Video Marketing So Easy That You Don't Even Need To Be In Front Of The Camera To Get More Leads, Likes And Clients Than You Can Handle... In Just 90-Days!

What If You Could Confidently Show Up On Video and Attract New Clients in Just Minutes a Day?

Watch this video to get the 1st Mover's Advantage with CoachDeb ... and double your business with this ONE Online Marketing Strategy (See if she can share her secret before she gets hit by the waves.)

Watch Part One here -- then Scroll down to Watch Part Two to see how you can get in this once-in-a-lifetime group coaching program with CoachDeb personally guiding you in your business! 


Did you know social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined? 


When You Want:

A complete system to launch your SOCIAL VIDEO Marketing

A content marketing calendar with 365 ideas for you

Raving customers coming to you WITHOUT paid ads

Video Marketing Strategy where you don't need to be in front of the camera to attract clients

Easy, Affordable Video Creation Strategy

A Coach by your side to get you confident on camera

An exclusive member's area with step-by-step tutorials

You Need: 7-Figure Video Formula! 

Get The Edge & Leverage The Hottest Social Media Channels Right Now So You Can Sell More Online!


7 Figure Video Formula

Get More Leads, Likes & Loyal Fans In 90-Days Or Less!

(For Fast Action Takers ONLY)

Watch Part TWO of this Video Series So You Can Take Advantage Of The Hottest Social Media Channels Right Now To Get More Leads, Likes & Clients Online! 

"Sometimes the hardest part to creating video -- is hitting that darn RECORD Button!

@CoachDeb aka Deborah Cole

~ The Digital Gretzky Of Online Marketing 

If You’ve Never Used Social Video Marketing to Get Clients Organically Then You’re in for a Marvelous Surprise…

Most people try half-heartedly to use video to get clients; but those who succeed at social video are doing things differently than all the others.

If you’re like most online business owners, then you’re probably creating all your video content yourself. That’s not a bad way to start. Afterall, it helps you learn the popular platforms out there and gets you doing video to expand your reach.

But there’s one huge, looming problem with doing that longterm… Most business owners are busy doing what they do best -- running their business and selling their products and services.

They don’t have time to do all of their own video production, editing, social sharing, keeping up with all the changes in social media, and wind up giving up, and burning out.

Not to mention how time-consuming it is to create all the content yourself, without anyone to guide you to show you if you’re doing things the right way.

And if you're struggling to attract fans and turn them into buyers using video and social media, tech troubles kick in, causing most business owners and realtors to simply give up.

You know what I’m talking, about right?

You wake up and decide,
“Today’s the day I’m going to go LIVE on Social.”

You open up your favorite social media app, but hesitate to hit that record button because stage fright kicks in.

You get nervous, wondering,
“What if i mess up?"
"What if i run out of things to say”
"What should I even talk about to begin with?"

Now You Can Say Goodbye To All These Fears Once & For All... When You Grab The 7 Figure Video Formula

The 1st Complete Course That Gives You Everything You Need For Social Video Success!

Introducing: 7 Figure Video Formula

The 1st Complete Course That Gives You The System You Need For Social Video Success!

"If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, 
, learn how to do it later!"

- Richard Branson

Meet Your Coach When You Upgrade To Get LIVE Coaching Sessions In The Social Video Marketing Course:


Deborah Cole (or @CoachDeb as her clients affectionally call her since she wrote the 1st book on Twitter back in 2008) has been marketing online since 2001.

CoachDeb has been referred to as "The Digital Gretzky" of online marketing, since she seems to always predict where the puck is going on online marketing since the days she taught Realtors, Realty TV Stars and Entrepreneurs how to get clients using MySpace.

Deborah wrote the Social Media Trilogy Series with all 3 books being the 1st published in the new media marketing space. In Fact, she wrote about social media before the term was even coined, back in 2006.

Predicting marketing trends and instructing business owners how to get clients and make money using Video Marketing with new tools such as this thing called "YouTube" when its first video was a stupid cat video and long before Google bought them. 

Her clients are considered first movers and fast action takers who like the advantage of doing what she instructs them first, before their competitors even know what's happening. 

She's been working exclusively with high-ticket clients paying her a handsome fee to advise them on the next big thing, giving them the strategic marketing foresight to get that 1st Mover's Advantage. 

In Fact, this is the first time she's offering a group coaching program in over a decade!

How long will she offer this program? My guess is not very long. So be sure to keep reading all the way through and see how you can take advantage of having The Digital Gretzky on your side over the next 90-days taking you by the hand so you can take advantage of the hottest form of social video marketing that's ever been this affordable for the small business owner and mom-n-pop shop, and may never be offered again. 


Here Is What You Get:

The Complete 7-Figure Video System To Walk You Through The Templates & Scripts You Can Customize

Just change the Scripts and Templates shared to customize them for your business, and start hitting that record button more often, knowing exactly what you'll be saying for each of your videos.

Exclusive E-Learning Platform

You will get access to a private member's area to access the Social Video Marketing training, resources, and templates. Everything will be delivered in on-demand video and textual format you can access at your own convenience. 

Personal Coaching From @CoachDeb = For 1st Action Takers ONLY 

For The 1st 12 Who Upgrade to the LIVE Marketing Course Program ONLY:

Founding Members who upgrade to the LIVE Coaching program will get personal feedback and coaching from CoachDeb during exclusive group coaching sessions -- via video and audio sessions - with private invitations to join.

Scripts + Templates For Your Top 5 Videos To Create

Just Customize our Scripts & Templates for Social Video Marketing Success - and Hit Record To Complete Your Top 5 Videos - with ease and confidence! 

Private Community To Support You!

Share your videos and on going progress with us in the community so we can support you!

Here Is What You Get In The 1st Ever: Social Video Marketing COURSE With @CoachDeb

The Benefits You'll Receive When You Grab The Course Today: 

Module #1 Let's Help You STOP The Scroll

◉ Let's help you get your 1st five social videos done to build your brand, business and bottom line.

◉ Discover How To Get your 1st 1,000 views, likes, and subscribers.

◉ Personality matching session for your social video marketing plan.

◉ Discover Your Unique Social Proposition to Stand OUT From All The Noise.

Module #2 Set Up Your Social Video Marketing Plan

◉ Video Kick-starter program to show you how to use a simple video marketing plan to grow your business, brand and bottom line.

◉ Get your videos done with confidence.

◉ VIDEO SEO strategy checklist.

◉ Discover how to get more videos done than your competitors without wasting time.

◉ Strategy to connect all your social video marketing together - and get 10x's the leads, likes and subscribers.


Module #3 Setting Up Your System With Scripts & Templates

◉ 7-Figure Video system to get more likes, leads and clients to grow your business, brand and bottom line. 

◉ Complete video system with workbooks, checklists, scripts, and templates to help you get your 1st five videos done.

◉ 7-Figure Video Formula shows you how to make sales with your videos and stop the scroll to connect with new fans - without paying for ADS!

◉ Learn how to sell your products or services - in 60 seconds - and create your 1st short sales video.

◉ Checklist of the hottest NEW social sites to take advantage of and get the 1st mover's advantage.

◉ Scripts to GO LIVE and make sales.

◉ 7-Figure show flow examples to use for your LIVE stream show.

Module #4 Hit RECORD - Let's Get Your 1st 5 Social Videos DONE!

◉ We will help you create your 1st social videos with you! We’ll even give you the scripts you need to guide you through the process.

◉ Supportive group community space to help you get confident & comfortable on camera quickly & get feedback from a supportive community.

Module #5 Private Access to Clubhouse Rooms To Meet Social Media Experts

◉ Access to the Private Clubhouse Rooms to learn the BEST Instagram marketing tips to get more likes and subscribers - FAST!

◉ Training with social media experts for Instagram and TikTok - to learn insider tips from influencers.

◉ How to have your own weekly radio show using clubhouse marketing.

Module #6 Leverage The Hottest Social Platforms Right Now

◉ YouTube tactics to get your videos viewed by more people.

◉ How to create carousels on IG and get 10 times more reach than a simple picture.

◉ Discover how to create guides on IG for massive reach.

"The things you regret most in life are the missed opportunities you didn't take."

- Lewis Carroll

Hear What People Are Saying About CoachDeb And Her Coaching & Video Production Systems: 

"CNN Money and FOX News contacted me within 24 hours of following your instructions with social media marketing!
Now I've got MORE Clients than I can Handle.

I wound up creating a referral based staging business now where I send out all the client referrals and make more money without having to do the work myself. "

- Debra Gould, Staging Diva

Got CNN Money Interview

"A Filmmaker contacted me after I followed your Coaching advice in the Club re setting up my YouTube channel, and I got a Movie Deal from it!"

Now has 2.33 Million Views on his YouTube channel and 9,297 subscribers

- Scott Tousignant, Fitness Coach

"Having CoachDeb as my Social Producer on set = wow! What a Game Changer. I got to focus on being the Talent, and sharing with my audience, while she took care of the entire backend Livestream to bring in a 7-Figure Sales Day!"

- Mari Smith, Queen of Facebook Marketing

"After just ONE Hour CoachDeb spent with me getting confident on camera and prepared with what to say - I went LIVE the next day and filmed a commercial." 

Now - we're in NORDSTROM! 

- Trinidad Garcia III, Founder of Trinidad3

"He Went From Machine Guns to Sewing Machines"

REMEMBER: This is the ONLY Time you will ever see the ability to upgrade to a LIVE Group Coaching Program with CoachDeb personally guiding you along the way. This LIMITED opportunity to work with @CoachDeb for this low of an investment... will NOT be around forever. So grab the opportunity to upgrade to the LIVE Bootcamp TODAY while it's being offered for the lowest rate ever... and SAVE 50% off the program! 

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